Making an Awesome Sandwich

I love grocery shopping for myself. Marylynn’s on a crazy diet, so I’m kinda on my own for food. (it’s too tempting for her to cook for me!) So today, Buster and I made an awesome sandwich for lunch and Marylynn had the great idea of snapping a few pictures!

Buster and Daddy in the Kitchen
Buster was my little helper and he had a lot of fun watching how the sandwich was made. Buster actually was brave enough to try his first taste of lunchmeat turkey. He liked it too! Victory! Mr. Picky Eater is slowly coming around! :)

The Awesome Sandwich!
Three slices of bread (two were toasted and buttered on both sides), Mayo, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Three kinds of meat (ham, turkey, bacon), Three kinds of cheese (swiss, provolone, colby jack). All awesomeness. I made the mistake of getting sweet bread and butter pickles (barf!), so there were no pickles this time around. And don’t get me started on that Miracle Whip disaster! ACK!

Buster, Not Sure about the Cheese
Buster had fun eating cheese and meat slices. He was making a silly face for the camera. He’s really not as grossed out as he looks here. :D

Buster, Daddy and the Awesome Sandwich
Buster, Daddy and the Awesome Sandwich!

Enjoying my Lunch
Finally enjoying my lunch. yum!

3 Responses to “Making an Awesome Sandwich”

  1. jenn king Says:

    that’s intense!

  2. Robby Says:

    Wow, looks almost Denny’s quality! I want a moons over my hammy now!

    BTW Tyler, update your blog links to include my site’s new url:

    Yay advertising in comments WOOT!

  3. marybarnum Says:

    Way cool sandwich….Iron chef and litte chef….a father/son cooking show in the making! love you guys!

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