St Patty’s Day 2010!

As per our tradition, we had the leprechauns visit the kids and leave them with a treasure hunt!

Buster Finds Footprints!
The kids woke up to find leprechaun footprints all over the kitchen!

Footprints from the Drain
Looks like the leprechaun started here…

Footprints on the Kitchen Floor
He made his way across the floor…

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
On the counter was the prizes! Clue #1 and tickets to the magic show. Our green gel ant farm was a nice touch!

Tickets to the St. Patrick's Day Magic Show!
The Leprechauns left these tickets to the St. Patrick’s Day magic show as gifts!

Cricket and Buster
A bit groggy, but ready for a leprechaun treasure hunt!

Footprints in the Bathroom!
Footprints in the bathroom! I wonder where they go!

Footprints to the Toilet
Uh-oh. This doesn’t look good.

The Leprechauns Peed!
The leprechauns peed! I guess they don’t flush in Ireland. Gross!

Cricket finds Clue #2
Cricket found Clue #2! This one was found behind the toilet. It led to the dryer.

Finding Clue #3
Clue #3! Cricket found this in the dryer. It lead her to the TV…

(Clue #4 photo missing. The kids were running too fast!)

The Pot of Gold!
The pot of gold was in the shower all along! Under the rainbow!

Lucky Marionette
Another gift from the leprechauns (Cut out from a box of Lucky Charms)

Leprechaun Buster

Sparkly Hat
Sparkly hat – Cricket called it a “sprinkly hat”.

Enjoying the spoils of the treasure hunt!

Green Waffles!
Cricket washed it down with a glass of green milk.

Buster's new outfit
Buster loved showing off his special St. Patrick’s Day outfit that mommy bought him.

My Own Little Leprechauns
Cricket looks really enthusiastic about those waffles.

Leprechaun Art
Buster made the leprechaun in school yesterday. They were happier than they look here. Honest.

Then later that afternoon, we went down to the Huntington Beach Library to enjoy a special St. Patrick’s Day Magic Show!

At the Magic Show!
Grandma, Buster, Finn and Cricket watching the show.

Daddy in the Audience
Daddy in the audience – Photo by Cricket

Patty O'Furniture
Patty O’Furniture – Yes, he was a leprechaun magician.

The Kids, the Magician and a Bunny
Magician Dave Skale (aka Patty O’ Furniture), The Easter Bunny and Cricket and Buster after the show!

Thanks to Finn for embracing your Irish heritage and making St. Patrick’s day one of the funnest holidays of the whole year!

4 Responses to “St Patty’s Day 2010!”

  1. Stew Says:

    That’s an awesome idea.

  2. marybarnum Says:

    Thanks for making the holiday so much fun! I loved the magic show….the guy was so funny and it was so much fun to see Cricket & Buster have such a great time!

  3. jaime Says:

    They came out of the garbage disposal and peed in your toilet… yuck!! They left you some awesome stuff though although I might wash it first! :) Glad you had a fun St Patty’s day… I was boring this year and did nothing! Good thing they celebrate it at school, right? :)

  4. joel Says:

    Whoa, that looks so fun… and weird! Their dubious entrance the green pee makes me think part lucky charms, part leprechaun 3. Despite the frowns they made for the photos, it looks really fun. Wow. Pary all the time at your place!

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