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Teenager me VS. Now me

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

So there’s this little internet game going on among artistic bloggers, where you draw yourself as a teenager and compare it to yourself today… I thought it would be a fun challenge for me, especially since I’m trying to flex my artistic / creative muscles more. So here’s my entry:

click for the higher-res version

I think it’s fun to look back at what a hardcore ska kid I was. I’ll always have fond memories of those days, but feel much more comfortable in my on skin at 30 years old. These days, I don’t have to plaster my taste in music all over my jacket so people would like me… That’s what my podcast is for! ;)

For TONS more entries, click here. Anyone else out there willing to take a stab at it?

Redeeming Shawshank (repost)

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I had forgotten I made this, and since those wonderful folks at YouTube deleted my account (and my 100+ videos), I thought I’d re-upload it to Vimeo. I got a kick out of seeing this a year and a half later. tee-hee…