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Saturday, September 29th, 2007

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OK, so a lot of our friends have been trying out the look-a-like feature on My Heritage where you can upload photos and see who you look like. The have a popular one where you can see which celebrity you look like most, but the new one is where you can upload a photo of two parents and see who their child looks like most.

So first we decided to take a look at Buster and see who it says he looks like (although we have no doubt that he gets his looks from his mommy). Here’s what it gave us:

WHAT? um… YEAH. RIGHT. So anyhow, we decided to give it a shot with Cricket and see what it said….

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My Current Obsessions

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I have a very obsessive personality AND I happen to be addicted to entertainment. So I’m always obsessing over one thing or another. It usually changes every few days or so (Unless it’s a big one like The Knife – 6 months or Monster – 1 year+). The following is a list of a few of my current obsessions…

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Pizza Arcades, Sleep, and a new Calling!

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Yesterday was really fun because Marylynn had me take the kids out of the house (ok, apartment, who am I kidding?) so she could clean up a bit. So I took ‘em to Chuck E Cheese and it was pretty fun, but crowded! The games were fun and it was a lot less “gambling for children” as I remember it from last time I went, but seriously, whatever happened to the Rock-A-Fire Explosion? They were awesome, and honestly scared me quite a bit… It was really crowded with a (THANKFULLY) more diverse crowd than Orange County… It was crazy to see little ghetto kids with do rags and diamond stud earrings, but hey – that’s Jersey, baby!!

Then I took ‘em to Wendy’s for Frosties… which was fun for about five minutes until Buster dumped his frosty all over himself…. yeah. not cool. So I brought them home and cleaned them up and took them out to the park. They played on the playground for a bit and some of our friendly neighbors came by. So Cricket and Buster were playing with these two little boys. And of course, Cricket gets really friendly yelling “WHAT’S YOUR NAME!” to each of them (including their parents). And then Buster started giving handfulls of tanbark and dirt to their dad… it was cracking me up, because he was being really nice about it but Buster just kept on doing it over and over and over… funny kid.

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Now That’s a Lot of Ketchup!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

So it’s been over a month. I can’t believe its taken so long. There’s been SO much going on, we’ve just been to busy to blog. I know that sounds like the weakest excuse ever, but it’s TRUE. so there.

So I’ve got a lot of “Ketchin’ Up” to do (har har har. OK, stop laughing at me.). I last left you with a rushed run down of the Virgin Festival. If I didn’t clarify last time, it was AWESOME. I totally forgot how rad live music is…

ahem. While I was rocking out in Baltimore, Marylynn was with Katie, Clayton, Gredtel (and their unborn baby tentatively named “pea in the pod”?), helping them unpack or… something? I guess they had fun. We’re excited to have them out here and subject them to the Eastern experience.

Soon after, we started our amazing adventurous vacation….

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