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Buster and Daddy go to Utah!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Sorry I haven’t kept up with the blog lately. I’ve been super busy what with work and all these vacattions… and on top of that I’ve been working on the new Yo Gabba Gabba website among other freelance stuff. yikes!! So I decided sneak in a little entry. Ok, this is my biggest entry to date. Buster and I took a weekend trip to Bountiful to see my Dad. We couldn’t make it to the week-long camping reunion, but at least we were able to make it out for the weekend prior. Here’s what we did in painstaking detail.

May 31

We got stand-by buddy passes from my awesome cousin, Caroline who works for Jet Blue. We were all set to take the 4:30 plane to SLC (with a layover in Long Beach). It was about an hour and a half ride from our place in Princeton to the JFK airport. We got there around 3pm just to find out that the 4:30 flight was sold out and that the next flight was at 8pm. So I decided to wait at the airport.

We found the "Blues Clues Play Area" which was basically two plastic tables and a couple chairs and a broken TV… oh and some blues clues decorations. Luckily we brought our own toys and so Buster had fun throwing stuff and pushing over chairs without bothering the other jetsetters.

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