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Criminal Mysteries (1989)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

My friend Ryan made a movie with our friend Evan and I got to be in it! yaaaaay!

The Second Date

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Another short film? Sure! why not?

GOGO13 – “Down In A Barrel”

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

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Hey look! It’s finally done!

Sunday Evening at Quang’s!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009


It’s been a great day today. Parker and I woke up this morning and got his girls ready for church and we went to his ward (my old ward too). It was cool. Everybody was really warm and welcoming there (well, almost.). Then afterward, we headed back to Christians and had a crazy lunch mixing up a bunch of different stuff. Serious this is why your’re fat action. We’re talking peanut butter and chocolate chips on top of strawberry nutri-grain bars. DELICIOUS!

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My First NWTA Staffing

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

(can you find me in this picture?)

Last month, I had the privilege of going out to a small camp site in the woods somewhere in PA (Near Allentown I think?) to be a staff man on the New Warrior Training Adventure. If you recall, I did my my own weekend a year ago and it profoundly changed my life in many ways.

It rained pretty heavy for the first couple days, but by saturday and sunday, it cleared up nicely. That meant mud. But it was great. We also were blessed to have Rich Tosi, one of the Co-Founders of the Mankind Project on staff with us.

I was so stoked to be able to help support other men in their own work and to give them the opportunity to look within themselves and see what wasn’t working in their lives. I saw some amazing transformations that weekend in the eighteen initiates, and also for myself.

I learned a lot that weekend, and probably the biggest thing I took home with me was the knowledge that God will always provide. Things have a way of working out. I waste so much time worrying and fretting over things that aren’t in my control because I forget that my life is in The Lord’s hands and that things work out on His schedule. I just need to step back, give up some control to Him while doing what I can do to make things happen. That was a huge lesson for me at this time in my life and my state of unemployment. Things WILL work out. It’s my job to do all I can and then learn patience.

I had an amazing time staffing the New Warrior Training Adventure. Like most things with The Mankind Project, it was incredibly intense, physically and emotionally challenging, insightful and was a whole load of fun. I got to hang out with old friends and meet a lot of new ones. I’m anxiously looking forward to my next opportunity to staff. (But not until after I have a job! I promised Marylynn.) :)

Lily’s Pool Party!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

So little Lily had her FIFTH birthday party on Saturday, which is totally crazy because it seems like just yesterday she had her Fourth Birthday Party and I was blogging about it. This time John and Jaime had the party at their neighborhood swimming hole and we all got wet and sunburnt (ok maybe just me) and had a blast. I got some pictures too! Check ‘em out:

I'm a Human Floation Device.
I’m a Human Floation Device. Yeah, I spent a large part of the afternoon being climbed on. It was fun… for a while. Until kids I didn’t know started climbing on me. Then it got weird and I ran away. True story.

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Concert! – The Faint + Ladytron

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, my buddy Billy Watkins (who I took to the Virgin Festival last year) called me up and asked me if I was busy that night. I said no, I was just going to be packing. He then offered me a ticket to see The Faint and Ladytron at the Trocadero in Philly with him. I said “WOO HOO!”. I love going to shows, and yet I rarely go. So I cleared it with Finn and we headed down.

Ladytron, originally uploaded by rights_reserved.

The show was great. Ladytron had a killer light/videoscreen set up that went perfect with their music. We met some folks in the crowd. It was fun.

The Faint
The Faint, originally uploaded by rights_reserved.

The Faint was amazing. Their light show was amazing and they had a cool projection screen behind them. I danced and got smashed in the crowd through the whole show. It was a blast. I only wished I was more familiar with al of their stuff. Whatever, it was a blast.

The Faint
The Faint, originally uploaded by rights_reserved.

Poor Billy lost his glasses and I felt really bad for him. I hope he can find some new ones soon! Thanks for the show, Billy (and Billy’s friend who got food poisoning at the last minute!)

Obama’s Facebook Stimulus Plan!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

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The President announced today that all Facebook users will get a $10 bonus for each friend! Check it out!!

(thanks, Ock!!!!!)
(updated…. Facebook claimed this was copyright infringement… what the heck?!)

Sledding Playdate

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Yesterday we had a HUGE snowstorm that was all over the national news. I loved it. We stayed inside most of the day and promised the kids we’d take them sledding… “later”. By the end of the day, we didn’t end up going and Cricket was sad. Marylynn and I felt like crummy parents for not delivering on promises. This morning was much brighter and the roads were clearer, so she went and got the sled out storage and we took the kids out to play in the snow.

Cricket and Daddy Ready to Sled.
Cricket and Daddy Ready to Sled.

Cricket in the Snow
Cricket in the Snow. I got a little artsy with the color corrections on some of these. Let me know if you like ‘em!

Buster at the Wheel
Buster hated the snow and liked the cold even less. He sat in the van and we threw snowballs at him. He liked it. Really. I swear.

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Here’s Cricket and I sledding and crashing into a snow bank. Her first reaction cracked me up.

Cricket's Name in the Snow
Cricket and I found a great little sled trail we liked a lot, so I signed her name in the snow so we’d know to come back to it later.

Sunny, Snowy Hill
Later in the afternoon, we invited Cricket’s buddy, Thomas over to sled. He brought his mom, Mara and his little brother Sethie along. What a pal. We headed out with them for a second round of sledding.

Top of the Hill
Cricket at the top of the hill sitting with me in the sled, ready for another run!

Me and Thomas
Thomas and I crashed into a rocky ditch. It was all good!

Snow Buddies
Cricket and Thomas make a cute couple. :) I love this photo.

Mara and Finn
Here’s Mara & Seth and Marylynn & Buster following us at the bottom of the hill. This gives you a sense of how high up we were.

Thomas About to Go
Thomas is ready to go!

Sethie in the Snow
Here’s little Sethie garnering his support for us at the bottom of the hill. I do believe I took him down once or twice. He’s a good sport.

Thomas and Cricket Sledding Together
It’s all smiles and fun until you crash into a tree. Which Cricket did shortly after I took this picture. She wasn’t hurt, luckily, so we went inside and made hot cocoa for our guests. Sledding is awesome.

Helping Out With New Warriors

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

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Mankind ProjectSo this weekend the Philly Mankind Project (MKP) held another NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure). They usually have 2-3 per year. I went through on my own weekend last year and if you read my post, you can see how much it meant to me. It was awesome. I love MKP and so I wanted give back for all that I’ve gotten. Because of weird transitional phase our life is in right now, I didn’t apply to staff. And since the weekend came around and we were still around, I went up to volunteer some service. I was what they call a Man of Service (or MOS if you will). I was only able to spend Saturday there, but other men were up from Thursday to Sunday afternoon. Basically, I helped do dishes, prepare food and clean up. There was also plenty of time to get together, meet new friends, play cards and hang out. It was awesome.

Some of the other MOS rolling meat in the kitchen.  These guys are seriously awesome.
Some of the other MOS rolling meat in the kitchen. These guys are seriously awesome.

We built a Temple of Lunchmeat.
We built a Temple of Lunchmeat. It was a force to be reckoned with. (Whatever that means).

YUK IT UP, GUYS!  A candid moment with Jeff and Keith.  To be honest, I was laughing too.  Laughing until my head hurt.  What's so funny?  I'll tell you later.
YUK IT UP, GUYS! A candid moment with Jeff and Keith. To be honest, I was laughing too. Laughing until my head hurt. What’s so funny? I’ll tell you later.

Some of my brothers from I-Group.  I love these guys to death.
Some of my brothers from I-Group. I love these guys to death.

I only got a few pics taken, but the whole day was awesome. I’m looking forward to the next one so I can spend all weekend there. Thanks guys!